Komende zaterdag: Uni VV 60 jaar!

Nog 3 nachtjes slapen en dan is het eindelijk zover. 4 juni: dag van het nu al onvergetelijke Uni VV-DIT-feest ter ere van onze 60e verjaardag bij de Groote Flierenberg: zaterdag zeker de mooiste plek op aarde!

Het feestadres
Camping De Groote Flierenberg
Zevenheuvelenweg 57
6571 CH Berg en Dal

Het feestprogramma
De poorten van ons festivalterrein openen om 14 uur. En ja, dat is dus ook het moment dat de bar open gaat!


Uni VV 4 loses title after poor display of referee

The most important match of the season unfortunately ended in pain for Uni VV. After having received a direct red card in the 10th minute for goalkeeper Rafaat and a penalty against, the 1-0 for Achilles ’29 3 was scored. Paco was unable to hold the penalty. A few minutes later a freekick is converted, putting the 2-0 on the scoreboard. With 75 minutes to play and 1 player less, all hope seemed lost. However, Uni VV 4 straightens it’s back and control the rest of the match. Achilles ’29 is not able to make the play or create chances and are under constant pressure of the well playing 10 men of Uni VV. At the end of the first half, a certain goal is cancelled after dubious offside. After scoring the 2-1, via Eligio, Uni VV feels it can break Achilles. The referee again decides differently by denying 2 handballs in the penalty box and fail to give a red card for a foul on Jonas. The 3-1 is scored out of a corner 5 minutes before time. An undeserved loss puts Achilles ’29 3 in pole position for the title. 

Achilles ’29 3 | 3 – 1 | Uni VV 4
10min. Red card Rafaat Abud Alhafez
11min. 1 – 0 Achilles ’29 3
15min. 2 – 0 Achilles ’29 3
52min. 2 – 1 Eligio Iannetti (Sergio Pezzini)
84min. 3 – 1 Achilles ’29 3

Standings, topscorers, assists and MVP


In balance Uni VV 4 wins last test before match of the season

The last match before we face top ranked Achilles ’29 3 was a match that had to be won. On a sunny Saturday we played against Groesbeekse Boys 2, playing in the relegation zone. The first half was more difficult than the position of Groesbeekse Boys would assume. After a 1-0 half time score we cleared the job in the second half with 3 more goals. On paper a comfortable win, but there was some good opposition from the men of Groesbeekse Boys making this an interesting game. The 4-0 victory wasn’t that easy after all…

Uni VV 4 | 4 – 0 | Groesbeekse Boys 2
30min. 1 – 0 Jordi Corominas Galbany (Alexey Kimel)
62min. 2 – 0 Jordi Corominas Galbany
68min. 3 – 0 Brian Wismans (Niccolo Usberti)
74min. 4 – 0 Julian Aditya (Jonas Becker)

Standings, topscorers, assists and MVP


Uni VV 4 brings home 3 points after heroic match against Eendracht ’30 3

One of the most difficult matches in the first half of the season surely was well playing opponent Eendracht ’30 3. Back then, Jordi scored the only goal and made sure we took 3 points with a 1-0 victory. This time we expected even more of them, since last week Eendracht played a draw against number one Achilles.
We played our best first half of the season, with an estimated ball possession of 70% and at least 15 counted chances. At the end we only score once, a fabulous goal by “Eendracht killer” Jordi. An offside goal of Eendracht threw us back to a 1-1 half time score. A direct freekick that was converted by Brian put us in the saddle again, 1-2. But 9 minutes before the final whistle the 2-2 was scored out of a penalty after a supposed hand ball. The deserved 2-3 victory was secured in the 86th minute when Julian scored the dramatic winning goal. A truly fantastic match against a very well playing opponent.

Eendracht ’30 3 | 2 – 3 | Uni VV 4
20min. 0 – 1 Jordi Corominas Galbany (Jonas Becker)
35min. 1 – 1 Eendracht ’30 3
59min. 1 – 2 Brian Wismans
81min. 2 – 2 Eendracht ’30 3
86min. 2 – 3 Julian Aditya (Jonas Becker)

Standings, topscorers, assists and MVP




On Wednesday Achilles won against Groesbeekse Boys, restoring the 11 point gap between the two of us. For this Saturday the objective was easy, win against Rood Wit. We played a draw against them in Groesbeek and surely that was one of the most difficult matches this season. So all in all, we knew who we were dealing with.
After very well organized positional play, lots of won battles and 3 important goals, we were able to secure the three points against the number four of the ranking. With Achilles losing 2 points at home against number three Eendracht by scoring the very late equalizer later that afternoon, the gap is now back to 9 points and two matches left to play.

Uni VV 4 | 3 – 1 | Rood Wit 3
18min. 1 – 0 Salar Omar (Eligio Iannetti)
30min. 1 – 1 Rood Wit 3
43min. 2 – 1 Julian Aditya (Eligio Iannetti)
65min. 3 – 1 Eligio Iannetti (Julian Aditya)

Standings, topscorers, assists and MVP



A green SCH pitch without clear drawn lines, lots of bumps and soaking wet soil sounds like a nice venue for a great afternoon of soccer. Add 9 motivated (8 after 15 minutes) opponent players, who show up 20 minutes after the supposed kick off, to that and we got ourselves the picture perfect…
The afternoon goes by very easy, with a 0-7 half time score and a 2-10 final score in our favor. The football however is far from satisfying. One of the worst matches this season by our side. It’s a pity SCH could not attend with 11 players, they have more potential than this. Jordi unfortunately was not fit enough to play and was removed from the match squad. 

SCH 4 | 2 – 10 | Uni VV 4
8min. 0 – 1 Salar Omar (Sergio Pezzini)
13min. 0 – 2 Paolo Devanna (Freekick)
17min. 0 – 3 Minko van der Maas (Sergio Pezzini)
25min. 0 – 4 Sergio Pezzini (Minko van der Maas)
31min. 0 – 5 Minko van der Maas (Sergio Pezzini)
40min. 0 – 6 Sergio Pezzini (Arie Zwart)
43min. 0 – 7 Salar Omar
58min. 0 – 8 Minko van der Maas
64min. 1 – 8 SCH 4 (Penalty)
69min. 2 – 8 SCH 4
75min. 2 – 9 Sergio Pezzini (Paco Francisco Arjona)
83min. 2 – 10 Valeriy Chernyy

Standings, topscorers, assists and MVP



The first match after the winter break period is always a difficult one. Even more when we play against “Angstgegner” Kolping-Dynamo. Somethings have changed after the winter break; Andres “the Eagle” is in Singapore, Julian Aditya is still missing for 2 weeks and unfortunately our goalkeeper Benny Harich is injured and not able to play for some weeks. On the other end we are very happy to see Arie Zwart returning to the match squad finally and Rafaat stepping in as goalkeeper. Also Hermsen Brascamp is fit again after being injured during the winter break. The situation changed slightly during the last weeks, since without playing we dropped 1 place to 3rd because Eendracht ’30 3 played 2 more matches and overtook us. 

During a difficult and bumpy first half we managed to take a 2-1 lead into the break before cruising to a 5-1 win in the second half. The goal by Paco Francisco Arjona surely was the highlight of this very interesting match.

Uni VV 4 | 5 – 1 | Kolping-Dynamo 5
7min. 1 – 0 Paolo Devanna (Freekick)
27min. 1 – 1 Kolping-Dynamo 5
45min. 2 – 1 Brian Wismans (Paolo Devanna)
53min. 3 – 1 Brian Wismans (Penalty)
59min. 4 – 1 Paco Francisco Arjona (Sergio Pezzini)
83min. 5 – 1 Eligio Iannetti (Brian Wismans)

Standings, topscorers, assists and MVP


Derde mailing over het Uni VV-DIT-feest is verstuurd!

Het is 4 juni 2016. De zon schijnt, het is een graadje of 25 en de lucht is strakblauw. Aan het Wylerbergmeer zijn een groot deel van het strand en de speelweide afgezet met een roodzwart lint. Er staan een mooi podium en twee grote tipi’s, waarvandaan muziek klinkt. In het zand zitten kinderen te spelen, terwijl hun vaders samen een balletje hoog houden en hun moeders stiekem kijken naar die leuke, jonge gasten van het tweede… Dit is het Uni VV Do It Together-feest: een combinatie tussen een verjaardag, een festivalletje en een reünie!

Klinkt goed, niet?

Maar om dit verhaal de dag na het feest te kunnen schrijven, hebben we jouw hulp nodig! Het heet niet voor niets een Do It Together-feest!

Lees de hele mailing hiero… 

4 juni 2016: UniVV-DIT-feest!

Op 4 juni 2016 vindt bij het Wylerbergmeer in Ubbergen het grote UNIvv-DIT-feest plaats: een feest in festivalvorm voor iedereen met een roodzwart hart. Jong en oud, mannen en vrouwen, jongens en meisjes, leden en oud-leden, supporters en andersverbondenen. Er is voor ieder wat wils! Het wordt een dag waarop alles kan en niets moet. Waarop je kunt ouwehoeren met teamgenoten, oud-teamgenoten of mensen die je nog helemaal niet kent. Waarop je van muziek of andere optredens kunt genieten. Of waarop je de hele dag met een lekker biertje en wat eten in de hand pootje baadt. Gestructureerde chaos: dat is waar UNIvv voor staat. En dat is wat jou 4 juni 2016 te wachten staat. Dat mag je dus niet missen!

Hoe gaan we dat doen dan?
UNIvv is een kleine, armlastige club. Dat wil natuurlijk niet zeggen dat we geen groot feest kunnen houden. Hoe we dat willen bereiken? Door een heus DIT-feest te organiseren. DIT staat voor Do It Together, wat inhoudt dat we dit feest echt met elkaar gaan maken. Met muzikanten uit de club (of via de club). Met materiaal en kennis van en via mensen uit de club. En met donaties en sponsorschappen van en via mensen uit de club.

De komende maand inventariseren onze werkgroepen wat we allemaal precies nodig hebben om in de volgende mailing terug te komen met een grote verlanglijst. En dan zijn jullie aan zet! 

Heb je nu al ideeën wat jij bij kan dragen?
Heb jij een grote generator in de schuur staan? Wil jij een gedeelte van het programma vullen? Of voel je de intense behoefte om 10, 100 of 1000 euro te doneren? Voel je dan vrij om ons dat nu al te laten weten!


The last hurdle to take with the possibility to close the gap with Achilles and bring it back to 2 points. On this Saturday the last match before the winter stop is being played. All eyes on us since we are 5 points down before the start of the match. All in all we were left without a chance in this one sided match. Trekvogels was the better team unfortunately. 

Trekvogels 7 | 6 – 2 | Uni VV 4
20min. 1 – 0 Trekvogels
30min. 1 – 1 Brian Wismans (Jordi Corominas Galbany)
33min. 1 – 2 Eligio Iannetti (Niccolo Usberti)
40min. 2 – 2 Trekvogels
42min. 3 – 2 Trekvogels
48min. 4 – 2 Trekvogels
75min. 5 – 2 Trekvogels
85min. 6 – 2 Trekvogels

Standings, topscorers, assists and MVP


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